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 Posted: Wed May 11th, 2005 02:53 am
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Okay, so I advance the timer to defrost (which I actually have the flying lead on 1; I didn't think it was working on 2, so I took a leap).  Now, I may not be the smartest guy on the face of the Earth and I am not "glowing red - black" colorblind, but I'll be darned if the calrod was still jet black and yet the lower portion of the evaporator coils were warm enough to catch my attention when pulling off that back wall! 

That would point to the tstat turning off the heater at too low a temp, right?  Do I move the lead back to 2?  Is inside humidity the problem?

The gasket on my fridge door has 3 breaches: one pencil-eraser sized erosion on the hinge side where it hits metal trim piece on the inside of the fridge; another erosion of the same size on the hinge side from what, I don't have a clue, and a 2" tear on the lower corner opposite the hinge side).  Could that be the root of my problem?

I have also noticed the doors sag.  The freezer door might be an eighth inch  lower on the non-hinge upper corner and the fridge door looks to be a quarter to 3 eighths low as compared to the hinge side.  Could this be the offender?  How would one go about fixing that?

Should I feel like I'm getting closer?  It seems like each discovery I make is like another door I figure out how to open, expecting to find the exit, but just finding another door with a different lock to open.