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 Posted: Sun Feb 26th, 2006 10:26 pm
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 item 9 is the bearing and seal assembly. item  18 is the spring that is under extreme pressure.  1.   remove all parts inside outer tub.(spinner or inner tub , tub seal,metal hub.) 2.  then remove all 6 tub balance springs, disconnect tub to pump hose and pressure switch hose  at outer tub.(be careful of air dome,could break off if catches on body when removing  tub and base assembly.   3. remove belt.   4.  remove outer tub assembly and base as whole assembly and turn upside down onto outer tub.   should be looking at transmission pulley,  remove thrust bearing ,  brake stator and spring. spring under extreme pressure. the only thing containing spring is the metal coverwith 6   5/16  screws.  proceed with caution , do not remove cover to brake unless you can take pressure off of spring. you will   need special tool or could find post at this web site on how to without.  once you remove brake and spring assembly you will find three screws remove those and six screws that  house brake and springs.   make sure to mark tub support pan and tub bearing assembly orientation it will make a difference on  reassembly.( in relation to outer tub).    again do remove brake stator without relieving pressure on spring 18 on your diagram.    ps.  red stains caused by water mixing with grease inside tub seals and rust from bearing.                                    note.      depending on series of your washer you may be able to buy tub seal and bearing kit which would come with everything you need.  see prev post  about series number!   you might be able to borrrow or rent speciality tools from where you buy parts.

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