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 Posted: Sun Feb 26th, 2006 07:05 am
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I just did this repair and want to thanks everyone.  Few things...

1. I did not have the 3 screws in the lower "semi-circle". 

2. The main center bolt on my unit had a plastic coating that needed to be cut off.

3. I didn't unplug anything or disconnect any wires.  Simply lifted the belt around the front of the drum. 

4. Hint for easier working.  I used small pieces of tape to hold the belt in the center of the drum in THREE places.  This assisted in getting the tensioner laced with one hand.  Be sure to remove the tape before closing.  I did all of this while the unit was face down on the front.

5. Before starting the unit back up, try to vacuum and blow out all the lint from the heating element.  My unit smelled like burning paper for a few seconds.  Some others could be worse.


Thanks again.