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 Posted: Sun Feb 26th, 2006 12:09 am
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I mispoke my washer is slightly over 2 years old.  So the only parts covered by warranty is basket, transmission  and drive motor.  I have already remove the basket and nothing was wrapped around it.  Yes the underside of the tub has the same splash marks on (actually solid ring).  Need to locate a more detailed drawing.  It would appear I have to take the entire shell off to be able to access bolts holding tub on.  But which bolts?  Bolts on support brackets or bolts to metal mounting plate.  Also looks like I have to remove 3 of the 6 springs.   Looking at parts on this web site looks like seal kit, upper spin bearings (remember the jet turbine sound) and some special tools.  Seal kit requires special spanner and I am worried the bearings are a press fit which I won't be able to handle.  Looks like the washers is :rocketman:

What do you think.  I certainly don't think its worth the effort if this is going to happen every two years.