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 Posted: Mon Feb 20th, 2006 01:20 am
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I have been testing my asko 1375 dishwasher to determine why it does not wash the dishes fully.  Through observing it through several cycles, I noticed that it initially fills and pumps water through the arms - works very well.  It then drains itself properly.  At this point, the dishwasher is supposed to fill again and then pump the water through the arms -- my problem -- the dishwasher does not fill the 2nd time (or 3rd time).

So, after reading your prior postings about the bottom pan perhaps having water in it (and the float switch preventing a fill), I took the all the panels off bottom - no water in pan.  With front off, I ran a load and tested various components.

In one test, I lifted the float (to trip the float switch) during the fill and the fill stopped immediately and the drain starts -- when I let the float down, it goes back to the fill.

In another test, I waited for the initial fill, pump & drain to complete and let the "non-working" second fill begin (there is a slight buzzing when it is supposed to fill).  I then repeated the float switch test - when the float switch was up, it started the drain - when I let the float switch down, it goes back to the slight buzzing.  This leads me to believe that the float switch is A-OK.

In a third test, I tested for DC volts across the terminals of the fill switch -- during the inital fill, DC volts were present across the terminals.  During the "non-working" second fill, DC volts were not present across the fill switch.  This leads me to believe that the dishwasher thinks it already has water in it -- my problem -- I can not figure out how the dishwasher determines if it already has water in it...

Any help would be appreciated...