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 Posted: Tue May 10th, 2005 04:54 am
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Not sure about that spare plug, but have read somewhere about it, seems it is eather a test plug of sorts or a plug in for a light or something, just ignore it.  As far as the calrod heater, we have never seen one go up in smoke.  Usually just breaks, will have a bad spot on it, or will look fine but is broken internally.  Looking at it might not tell.  Yes with the back off and the bi-metal bypassed you will be able to watch to see if the heater comes on and should not melt anything, but watch carefully because when the ice is gone could warp your fan blace or fan schrol/housing, so do not walk off if the heater comes on.  If the heater does come on you know the bi-metal is bad or no power from the timer to the heater for some reason.  Might indicate the timer is not advancing, wired wrong.  Could you provide me with the wire colors that plug onto the timer from the frig??  I can look to see where the black wire should be.  Your first plan of repair should have been to advance your original defrost timer into defrost to see if the heater came on.  If it did you would know the timer was not advancing, and to replace it.   If it did not come on you would have tested your heater and bi-metal to see which one was dead.  So simple.  I just hate what you are going thru right now.  With the no defrost problem and long run time because the food side is warm, your compressor is running too much, is over heating.  I hope is is not getting too damaged with the oil getting too hot all of the time.  Let us get this problem solved, friend.  Pegi

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