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 Posted: Sun Feb 12th, 2006 02:20 am
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Trying to help

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Concerning the tablets. Ditto on the over-sudsing complaints. Along with leaks, getting a lot of moaning groaning noise complaints (impeller cavitation). If there is a digital minute read out, it almost aways coincides with the release of the rinse aid. For years recommended Cascade powder. Got away from it when they changed formula's to the enzyme based powder. Have had good luck with the original Electrasol powder, it is still chlorine based so it helps keep co-polymer tubs clean and smelling a little better. I find if consumers are using a complete detergent (rinse additives) and liquid rinse aid, the suds lock and cavitation complaints go through the roof (sometimes complaint reads counter shaking) especially with the Georgia soft water (3-4 grains)  

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