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 Posted: Tue May 10th, 2005 02:52 am
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I described my problem(s) and first response was from Samurai to replace the timer and t-stat.  Since one, in his experiences, was most likely to blame and standard ops are to replace one with the other, that was his advice. 

There was a question about the calrod heater and a description of the most common symptoms of a calrod heater failure (lots of smoke and soot, which are nonexistent in my particular case). 

So, if I connect the two wires leading to either side of the t-stat, that will have the same effect as completing the circuit and turning on the heater, right?  Additionally, there is no break in the circuit from the temp increase, so I should be able to have the freezer wide open for full viewing? 

Is there any way the t-stat could be miswired?  All the wiring in the evaporator area is controlled by those plastic clips.  While that is fantastic and all, I didn't notice this beauty prior to removing the wires from the housing and connecting the new t-stat.  Figuring the only options were open or closed, it didn't seem, nor does it seem now, that there would be an issue.  Just want to cover my bases.

Additionally, there is an unconnected 'plug' in the area of my timer and fridge controls.  I can see no possible place they could have connected and the only thing I remember disconnecting in there was the old timer and that has been reconnected to the new.  The old timer has no plug end to match the loose plug, either.  Curiously, at least to my untrained mind, the ends are circular as if they were to go onto prongs, as opposed to sliding over blades like the rest of the wiring.


p.s.  I read 9°/50° when I got home from work today.  Nothing quenches your thirst like a 50° beverage, except any beverage colder than that!