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 Posted: Wed Feb 8th, 2006 02:49 am
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I have a MDE7657AYW Electric Dryer making a Loud Squeaking noise inside the cabinet. I took the dryer door and front panel off and did not find any major damage. The lower front pads appeared OK, the rear rollers looked OK, and the belt showed no signs of damage. The belt tension appeared OK as well. The only thing I noticed was that the stud that the plastic belt idler wheel spun on was hot to the touch, but it appears to be just staked onto the idler arm and I would think that a nylon (that's what it looks like) wheel on a staked on stud could very well run hot (I'm guessing 150-160 degrees F). The dryer makes a horrendous squealing noise that started just when the dryer was full of wet clothes, but now squeals through the whole cycle. I thought it was just the belt, but there must be a reason it is slipping (if it is slipping) and I hesitate to take it (the belt) off and remove the drum unless I have an idea what the problem is and the parts to replace. There are no problems with any of the cycles and the clothes get dry in a reasonable amount of time. But the noise is bad, and the drum seems pretty hard to turn. I don't want to damage the main motor.
Any ideas??