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 Posted: Tue Jan 31st, 2006 07:13 pm
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I had the HF/FH code only. The machine would shut down after the 8min. limit. The tech sheet states: "If the control unit has turned the water valves on and after 8 min. the flow meter has detected 10.5 gal of water passing through it, but has not detected the pressure switch trip, the valves will be turned off and the error code will be flashed". Under this statemant there are two stated ways to look at this, 1. If there is no water in the unit, or 2. If there is water in the unit. Mine had water in it so the tech sheet told me to A. Verify drain pump operation or B. Make sure Pressure Switch Hose is in good condition and properly connected to Tub and Pressure switch. I believe A to have been the problem, pump was working properly, but check ball was sticking and not allowing water to drain properly.  I never could actually verify this to be the problem, but thats my answer and I'm sticking to it!!:huh: