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 Posted: Tue Jan 31st, 2006 02:17 am
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Not sure what code are you getting ?? is it F9 or FH. I have experienced both. For FH, as far as i can understand this unit, my functional description stands as written before. I did forget to add that if the flow meter is not functioning then the washer will fail within the first minute of operation, thus eliminating the meter unit.

 Now for the f9 code - manual  specifies that there is too much water in the unit. So you will see lots of water resting on the door, not sure exactly how much as per measurement and if it actually is too much since it never leaks, but nevertheless sometimes i got an f9 code.   -- Overflow contact closed for more than 60 sec. -- . Not sure how they measure time in Germany but from my experience with that contact was that if it closed for any period of time the washer would stop - alarm with a code and in roughly 30secs the pump would kick in pumping all the water out.  The pump is running fine and the drain was clear of all debris. This problem was occurring almost every 2nd wash with the new pressure switch installed. I got frustrated with this washer and thought that the controller was not sensing the water flow correctly but just for the sake of it i replaced the new pressure switch with the 1 that i had removed. To my surprise the washer ran 10 loads with no probs, but on the 11th it did give me an f9 code. From that performance it can be assumed that the new switch that i got is slightly miss calibrated, not too happy about that. Having the switch apart, i did note the spring adjustments screws. Do not do this unless you have an intermittent F9 code, no pump probs and all drain components are clear of any debris. As normally situated in the machine the pressure switch has 3 long cylinders above the connector that are filled with red paint (call mark seal). In a machine that has many hrs on it the spring may loose some tension therefore acting prematurely. FROM THE TOP - THE THIRD ONE - or the 1 closest to the connector - fit in a flat driver and give 1/2 turn clockwise, personally i would not go more than 1 turn max.  At this time all the F9 probs should disappear. Its always good practice to mark all your adjustments so they can be returned in case of trouble. Again i say - AT your own risk !! always check for leaks.