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 Posted: Mon May 9th, 2005 05:29 am
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How fast the evaperator frosts over depends on how much moisture is gettng in the frig.  How many times the doors are opened, how humid it is in your area right now, and how  much hot food is put into the box.  The frost/ice is just moisture inside the ref, that is freezing on the coils.  On the defrost termination thermostat in the freezer, it usually has 2 wires. One wire in the ref. to the bi-metal the other side of the bi-metal to the heater, and the other side of the heater going back to the ref. to complete the circut. The wire to the bi-metal you would temporarily connect to the heater wire that the other side of the bi-metal went to.  In other words, just remove the bi-metal from the freezer and take the wire that went to the bi-metal from the frig straight to the heater, just for a test.  If the heater comes on and defrosts the box, you know this bi-metal could be  the problem., or the timer is wired wrong.  when the timer is turned to defrost you would have to have a broken heater since you have replaced the timer unless there is a broken wire in the circut somewhere/ .. If you trun the timer to defrost right now without doing anything to the defrost system and it defrost the coils ok, then the timer is wired wrong.   We have never had the problems you are having since we know how to test everything and replace what is needed.

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