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 Posted: Sun Jan 29th, 2006 11:21 pm
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as far as i understand the operation of this washer hf is lack of water in the system - the washer measures time and water intake and at the same time it likes to see the pressure swich contact closed - the suds closes first, then the reached proper level closes after. If this contact is not made as time or water monitor runs out then the proper hf code is displayed. 1st close water to machine and take off the hoses at the machine, inside there are fine wire water filters - make sure that they are clean. Water flow obstraction means wasted time and the machine does not have too much of it to spare. If that is not the problem then select hot cycle, and cold cycle , and listen for water valve functions. If both are ok then you definitly have water running down the drain during fill. The only solution to that  is to elevate the drain hose to the proper level as described in the installation manual. The ball in the bottom of the washer does act as a one way valve, which means that when the pump stops pumping the gravity acts and if the hose is at proper height then the weight of the water will force the ball to seat in the rubber boot thus closing the outlet. If its not closed then during the operation water could escape causing an hf code. Hope that this will aid your troubles. Oh ya, at the same time do inspect the rubber hose from the switch to the buttom of the drum as described in the prior post.