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 Posted: Mon May 9th, 2005 02:40 am
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How do I bypass the t-stat?  As of this evening (checked it when I got  home from work), the freezer is 13° and the fresh compartment is 48°!  There was very little air flow from the freezer to the fridge, pretty darn sure it's iced up evaporator coils at work again.

So, my first post was 4/16 and here we are just over 3 weeks later and I have solved one problem (the freezer is plenty cold), but I have not solved the other (fridge is still not staying cold) and I do believe the coils are icing up worse (irrespective of frequency) than the first time I opened 'er up.

How often does this stuff happen to you all in the field?

I saw a mpeg of a soldier dropping a grenade in a topload washer.  It is giving me ideas.