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 Posted: Thu Jan 26th, 2006 04:58 am
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the relay is just another name for contactor theses can be purchased for rat shack but you will need to reseal the board this can be done using what is called plastic dip which is used for dipping tools to recoat the handles

I have a Maytag Wide by Side model# MZD2766GEW series 10. I ohmed the thermostat and it is opening and closing correctly. I ohmed the defrost heater- tested Ok. I then jumpered the heater and it heated just fine, so I determined that the ADC was defective. I checked all the voltages to the board to make sure it wasn't a connection problem and they were all correct. I shorted L1 and the Test but the unit still doesn't go into defrost. My temp control was closed at the time, which according to the information I read is right. I do not get any buzzing of the relay. I purchased a new ADC at a local dealership, but it looked used and has the same problem my original one does. The dealer refuses to refund or replace the ADC, so I am trying to find a way to repair the PCB. From what I have read, C1 seems to fail.  There is alot of information on replacing the C1, but does anyone have any information about a replacement relay?

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