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 Posted: Thu Jan 26th, 2006 04:07 am
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Here is link to the Energy Star web site specifically for Washers (you can consult several appliances actually). On this site, there is a list which is very upto date (1/20/06 -5 days old from the date of this posting).

I recommend openning the Excel version of the file and then sort them by "Energy Usage" (the higher the number the more efficient the machine is) and "Water Usage" (the lower the number the more water is saves).

You will find very interesting information. The most energy efficient machine is not the staber or the duet, it is actually a wirhlpool LHW0050. Staber is is ranked 125 out of 300 machines listed.

Regarding water usage, they list an LGWM268 (it seems that this one is just coming out)


I hope this helps.