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 Posted: Thu Jan 26th, 2006 03:47 am
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i love the articles however i would like to bring something else to the information table and that is the detergent being used , and let me explain , we just remodeled our kitchen $17.000 worth of just cabinets and countertops ,after the wife had run us out of money with no replacement appliances it was now time for me to stepin and oad bring order out of confussion , so i went to sears online and others now as a repairman i know what i see and repair the most , and frgidaire (790) is one and whirlpool is another (665) for the most part ,and i chose both i got a whirlpool dishwasher  and a fridigaire cooktop the built oven is 40 yrs old by fridigaire and still looks newthe first reason i picked the cooktop was features the 2nd was price it had what i needed for the price i could afford however it is hard to keep clean ,so like many of my customers i had the replacement parts ordered under the warranty for spares , now the dishwasher is a whirlpool with a standared timer and some extras a little noisey but for the price a good buy i compared my unit to bosch, LG , and others as far as washability when using the same soap and to my surprise the results were about the same , also the way the unit was loaded made a difference but not by much the looks of the unit were about equal for the features so i would surmize that and have advised customers that all appliances will do what they were built to do if used correctly i spent less then $ 2000.00 on my appliances and the final appraisel for thr new kitchen was $31.000.00 for the finished product total cost was $21.000.00 but i know i got beheaded on the cabinets this should have cost about $12.000.00 total. so in closing your info is just what is needed for those who think they know it all :D:D:D .


P.S. i reinstalled the builtin oven :P and gave up the icemaker (no filters to by ) because i figured after 10yrs of buying filters and replacements parts for the icemaker alone that would have paid for the unit more than twice. also by having mid to low end gear i won`t feel as bad if i have to replace it as opposed having to wait for parts on the hi end stuff.

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