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 Posted: Sun Jan 22nd, 2006 07:28 pm
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...and Google draws yet another DIY appliance repair victim to your site! :yikes:

But thanks to this thread (and Google), my food is still cold!  Yay!! :D

I've got this Maytag MSD2556AEA, which isn't defrosting. At least not automatically. A few nights ago I took the board out, beat on the relay with a screwedriver handle a few times, put it back in, shorted L1 to Test and successfully initiated a manual defrost cycle.  That brought the freezer from 20F down to 5F over several hours.  The following night I shorted L1 to Test again.  I heard a click, but no defrost cycle.  Just kept right on refrigerating.  Same thing again the next night.  Wasn't easy, but I got my screwdriver handle all the way back there and beat on the relay again.  After hitting it several times (and cussing a lot), it kicked over to defrost mode.

Sounds like the relay contacts, right?  What I'm wondering is, has anyone replaced the relay on this board, perhaps with a heavier one?  I'm ordering a new ADC board, but I'd like to repair this one, since it seems I may go through several of these boards over the (hopefully long) life of this fridge.

BTW - In case anyone's wondering, it seems Maytag is crap anymore.  I've read so many horror stories over the past week. I've had way to many problems with this fridge since we got it, and the notion that this silly board is going to fail every five years, it's all a little rediculous, idnit?  Add to that, a one year warranty on a major appliance that should last at least 20?  What's up with that?

Sorry, I shouldn't be whining.  It could be a lot worse.

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