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 Posted: Sun Jan 22nd, 2006 09:21 am
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First of all, this forum is great and has been very helpful. Thank you to everyone here!

Here's a breif intro to my project: I just got a very lightly used but abused Whirlpool Duet GHW9100 LW0 front loading washer with broken door latch, cracked plastic door cover, and missing knob; the unit was a store return (someone had pulled the door open while it was locked) and I got it dirt cheap from a liquidator. I quickly located the latch and knob with help from you folks and replaced them.

The washer fired right up and runs through the diagnostics with no issues, this is a good start :)

The issue remaining is a high pitched noise from the CCU, when the unit is in standby the CCU emits an electronic high frequency noise- once I push the ON button the high pitch component goes away although there is still a noise emitted. This noise is observed with the metal top off the machine although I don't suspect putting the top back on will hide the noise or fix the issue.

I popped the top off the CCU and the noise seems to be coming either from the small yellow transformer in the rear just near the center or one of the 2 capacitors next to it- see the picture I attached.

Before I dive in with my solder iron and start changing capacitors, do any of you warriors have some input? I can provide additional details or pictures if needed.

Thank you in advance, your help has already been invaluable.


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