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 Posted: Sun Jan 22nd, 2006 01:20 am
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I have a Maytag Wide by Side model# MZD2766GEW series 10. I ohmed the thermostat and it is opening and closing correctly. I ohmed the defrost heater- tested Ok. I then jumpered the heater and it heated just fine, so I determined that the ADC was defective. I checked all the voltages to the board to make sure it wasn't a connection problem and they were all correct. I shorted L1 and the Test but the unit still doesn't go into defrost. My temp control was closed at the time, which according to the information I read is right. I do not get any buzzing of the relay. I purchased a new ADC at a local dealership, but it looked used and has the same problem my original one does. The dealer refuses to refund or replace the ADC, so I am trying to find a way to repair the PCB. From what I have read, C1 seems to fail.  There is alot of information on replacing the C1, but does anyone have any information about a replacement relay?