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 Posted: Sun May 8th, 2005 03:36 am
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Chris, if you were to by-pass the bi-metal as a test to see of the whole evaperator would defrost, watching carefully so you could turn the timer back out of defrost when all of the ice is gone so you do not melt all of the plastic in the freezer, this might indicate that 50* bi-metal is just to low.  This might be cutting the heater off to soon.  However from the looks of your evap in the photo the bi-metal is encased in ice so does not look like it could have cut the heater out. There has to be a very simple reason for no or incomplete defrost, something is getting overlooked.    If you advance the timer into defrost it should come out within 21 minutes and the cooling system will kick back on.  Is this happening???  If the box does not come out of defrost in about 21 minutes the timer is wired wrong, the black lead would have to be changed from terminal #2 to terminal #1. This is assuming you are advancing the timer till the loud click and no further.  Pegi

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