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 Posted: Fri Jan 13th, 2006 12:27 pm
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Swannie wrote:
"Check for a stripped out drive block first, by removing the agitator you will be able to see if the drive block is bad or not." From pictures on your website, the block drive is sitting where the tabs/notches are. How do you tell if it is stripped out???

If the two metal tabs are flush with the top of the aluminum drive block and you can see that they mate with the matching notches in drive block that that should be ok.

"One other possible problem that I forgot to include is a broken brake cam release lever which would also require the transmission removal to check." Where is this brake cam lever located?

Brake cam release lever is the whitish plastic piece on the bottom of the basket drive just below the brake shows. When the clutch band and spring lock in and engage that lever it release the brake letting the basket spin. If the end of the lever is broken off the clutch band can't release the brake.

"Clutch pads worn or clutch oiled from leaking upper seal." Could you please post pictures of what a new clutch pad looks like as well as what a worn out one looks like?

No pictures to show you, there maybe some on Samurai's site but you would have to look for them.

The few drops of oil when you removed the transmission and basket drive is normal. Usually there is some oil up in the tube to keep the bearings lubed.

I would suggest that you take the clutch apart, (remove inner clutch band and spring), and clean it all real good with a brake degreaser from the auto parts store. Then break any glaze on the pads and also in the clutch bell, (the silver outer clutch housing), with emery cloth.

Also, I found that if a clutch is just slightly worn I can take a thin washer the same size as the spring end cap and put it in one end cap between the spring and cap and this will give the extra tension needed to renew the clutch or at least test things to see if it corrects your problem.

NOTE: it has to be a thin washer only about 1/16" thick or you won't be able to get the clutch band to compress far enough to reinstall.

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