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 Posted: Thu Jan 12th, 2006 03:21 pm
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"Do you see any obvious signs of oil dripping from transmission or any oil on the inside of the cabinet?" No.

"Check for a stripped out drive block first, by removing the agitator you will be able to see if the drive block is bad or not." From pictures on your website, the block drive is sitting where the tabs/notches are.  How do you tell if it is stripped out???

"One other possible problem that I forgot to include is a broken brake cam release lever which would also require the transmission removal to check."  Where is this brake cam lever located?

"Clutch pads worn or clutch oiled from leaking upper seal."  Could you please post pictures of what a new clutch pad looks like as well as what a worn out one looks like?

I have the transmission with the basket drive tube sitting right next to me (washing machine is downstairs) and have compared parts with pictures from your website.  I did not find any broken parts or anything that was missing.