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 Posted: Sat May 7th, 2005 03:02 am
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The flying lead is to make the timer do 2 different things, according to how the box is wired from the factory.  If the original design is on time every 8 hours defrost the black lead will be on # 1, which it defrosts every 8 yours for 21 minutes.  If the black lead is on # 2 it means it defrosts every 8 hours COMPRESSOR RUN TIME, for 21 minutes.  If it is wired wrong, the ref will not work right, The timer will not advance into defrost or it will go into defrost and not come back out again, since the cumulative compressor run time gives power thru the bi-metal.  That is why it is important to wire it right.  To see if the heater comes on, you can loosen the back panel, just prop it up there, so you can pull it out and peak behind it to see if the heater gets red.  And then just set it pack in place if it does come on so the bi-metal will not open too soon.  But you can look now and then to see what is happening. You wil really have to advance that timer after the bi-metal  re-sets to give power to the heater to see if it comes on.  If it comes on i would have to say try putting the black lead on the #1 termnal and see how it does. If it does not come on, you have a bad heater, bad bi-metal,  or bad wires from the timer to the bi-metal or bad wires from the bi-metal to the heater.   Let me know how this goes.......Pegi

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