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 Posted: Fri Jan 6th, 2006 05:45 am
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Hi CT,

Fair enough.  However, if you happend to get a Miele with a lower half life I am kinda guessing the parts are pretty dang expensive, coming from the land of BMWs and all. 

Regarding the stainless tub, I totally hear you.   I would not ever recommend a stainless tub, it is a ridiculous indulgence, and I laugh on the lapels of those who fall for it!  As I mention in the article above, Consumer Reports says a plastic tub will outlast most dishwashers. 

On the other hand, my other half is not a cold calcluating pragmatic engineer, and I take responsibility for making two fatal errors during the procurement process:

1) Presented options with a recommendation.

2) Allowed interaction between my spouse and diswasher sales associates,

What the heck was I thinkin' !?    :groucho:

On the serious side though, my baby has to look at the inside of that dishwasher three times a day, and if she thinks yellowed plastic looks like crap, I am prepared to cough up the $250 or so it takes to remove that element of unhappiness from her life.  After all, another 20 summers or so and that is it.   We're outta here.




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