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 Posted: Thu Jan 5th, 2006 06:08 am
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Knowledge is nothing without experience.  Experience allows me to believe that North American designers of appliances cannot produce a quality dishwasher by any stretch.  If you consider where most of the components of appliances are manufactured it is a wonder they run at all.  If you look at the nameplate on the majority of motors or electronic controls etc., you will notice they are built in a foreign country.  Granted, today's appliances are creating job security for our beloved service person, but where is the quailty and dependability that an appliance use to provide for us? 

If I go to the local appliance sales store I can spend $1000 on a Kitchenaid D/W with stainless steel tub or I can spend $500 on a Whirpool with a plastic tub that has most of the same mechanical parts and will last just as long.  Most consumers are not aware of this important aspect of an appliance when purchasing and so they rely on differences in features and asthetics.  If I were to supply my family with a new D/W it would have to be a Miele, no question.  These units follow the same pattern as North American designs in terms of comparing the least expensive to the most expensive in that the mechanical differences are nil but the options change greatly from one model to the next.  But that is where the similarity ends.  The last company I worked for attributed Miele as their number one selling dishwasher with Maytag a distant second and we still had more complaints with the Maytag units.  The company designs and manufactures most if not all of its own parts in Germany and their warranty is exceptional.  I have talked to many customers that have had their unit for 15 years or more with minimal problems and today's D/W is showing the same reliability.  Obviously quality comes with a price and there not exactly giving these away but a Miele D/W is comparable to a Kitchenaid or a Bosch.  The average price comes in at around $1500 (thats Canadian currency by the way).  I could go on but I have two compressor jobs in the morning, one Maytag and one Kitchenaid SxS and I need my beauty sleep.