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 Posted: Fri May 6th, 2005 07:53 pm
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If the cover was off of the evaperator when you put this into defrost, the bi-metal would have cut the defrost heater off too soon, as it would have opened too soon.   But I just re-read your post and saw where you said it did not come on.  Re-try this with the cover in place but loose so you can take a peek now and then to see if it is on.  You will hear popping and hissing when it is on because of the defrosting water hitting the heater, and I really believe the bi-metal should be a higher temperature than 50* on a W.P. Ref. . Recheck your connections at the new bi-metal.  Now if it defrosts ok with the back cover in place when you manually advance the timer into defrost, this tells you the bi-metal and heater are good.  Might be too low of a temperature tho.  But this would take us back to checking this new timer, which one you installed and where the black lead was installed.  And to make sure you put the right wires from the ref. onto the right terminals on the timer.  Was puzzled about your statement the new timer was larger than the original since the new FSP timers are very small, white and with a clear plastic cover  over the motor area so you can visually see if the gears are turning. Please keep us posted.  ;)  Pegi

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