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 Posted: Tue Jan 3rd, 2006 05:28 am
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Greetings Moostafa,

Thank-you for your salutorious accolade. I was aware of this, being a student of the master's wisdom. In fact, I was loath to purchase any dishwasher brand other than Maytag or Frigidaire because of that same satori.

However even the great Samurai himself, as I am sure you are well aware, reserves the right to change his mind. For example, on dishwasher brand recommendations.

As you can see I am a devoted, some would say obsessive, disciple of the master's teachings.  Which brings me to a point that I was discussing with the master himself, via the prophet Pegi, earlier today. I was hoping to find a way to search this wondrous tomb of teachings by author so that I could, electronically at least, spend more time at his feet, learning from the master's word.  Alas, I am afraid I distracted him by including website feedback in the same communication.  As you may also know, the Master is as concerned with this great website and its comportment as I am with his teachings.  I am of course honored that he appreciated my input Moostafa, please do not mis-interpret my sentiments.  As the master says "it takes real beer, and lots of it, to run a website this messed up", no doubt he was participating in the sacrament at the time.

Should you run into the master, please could you remind him of my search-by-author question?  Also, I would dearly love the see the posts related to the Haiku on clothing pheromone impregnation restored.  Those were truly funny.  I wish I had saved them now.

Allah Akbar!

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