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 Posted: Mon Jan 2nd, 2006 07:27 am
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Thanks a lot for the info on C2! If worked perfectly well - no buzzing anymore; test defrost was perfect; will see how it will work in the next months.

I wanted to share some info to help others finding the capacitor. It is an Electrolytic Axial type. Sunnyvale and Palo Alto Fry's carry 50v and 63v in their stores at $0.99, while Radio Shack has a lower voltage (35v) only. Note that Radio Shack also carries an assortment of capacitors in a single box, which includes 22uF63v, but it's radial and will be less convenient to connect.

At a local Fry's I bought 63v capacitor, which is marked as "NEH22M63CB" - use Google and you will find plenty of online stores, who carry those. If you have Fry's in your area - call them and ask if they have part #1710243 (63v), or #1710195 (50v).

In addition to capacitor, I bought Silicone Conformal Coating by MGChemicals to cover capacitor and board after soldering.

Good hunting : )