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 Posted: Fri Dec 30th, 2005 03:05 am
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Yes I have the wiring diagram. they hide it under the round terminal thing next to the level switch. I don't have a scanner but I'll be at the copy center tomorrow maybe they can digitize it for me and I can post it here...
I talked to some Asko customer service place in the midwest(central time zone) and after telling me they could not provide me tech support because I wasn't an authorized repairman she proceeded to give me three motor resistance readings which checked out perfectly. She also told me to check that the pressure tube wasn't clogged with soap. I was writing as fast as I could and didn't catch where this tube is but I think she said it goes to the rotary switch?? I do see what looks like a vacuum hose (small) running from below the tub up to that round thing that has a dozen or more wires going to it.

pretty soon I'll be really dangerous ;^)