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 Posted: Mon Dec 26th, 2005 05:24 pm
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Yes it agitates, it pumps out. all cycles but spin seem to work. The motor was replaced just before the warranty ran out and I think is now about 4 years old. The brushes looked good and have a lot of life yet (about 5/8 inch)

I don't know if the motor is getting voltage in the spin cycle but I doubt it as it doesn't sound or look as though it is trying to move. What the washer does do is make a kind of soft whirring and clicking sound. it does this about 30 times and then quits. that sound is not coming from the motor. It does that in all the spin cycles, long spin, short spin...

I thought maybe the washer was doing this because it was no longer sitting level. So I leveled it but that made no difference...

could it be a printed circut card that needs replacing?