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 Posted: Wed Dec 21st, 2005 04:58 pm
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Right, but nothing is made like is used to be, take the new GE washers and dryers, fail in a year or two if you are also need to be advised most of the new appliances sold now only have a 1 year warranty total, no more extended warranties on labor or parts past one year.  Exceptions are the LG and the Kitchenaid made by Whirlpool..and others made over seas..and the high line stuff that cost thousands of $$$..the new warranties started November 1 I believe for Whirlpool and the others in January...Sears Canada will also go by the warranty of the ones who make the appliances for Sears..will Sears USA, it's parent company be far behnd???  The new stuff has electronics, more to malfunction, not like the appliances of old...;)

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