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 Posted: Tue Dec 20th, 2005 12:33 am
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Thank you O Wise One. Eternal Blessings for you and your family.

I am going for that pdf now on the dryer belt.

{maybe I should go to another thread?} On the Asko model 1385 dishwasher saga {the one that caught on fire during the rinse/drain cycle}  - - I talked to Asko, The first line guys [meaning, I'll believe it when I see it} said if I can provide them with an invoice saying the fire started in their machine, they will give me half off a new one. I then relayed that it was "nawt bloody likely"  that I would be paying for a new one, when I could buy another more reliable brand for less than the half they would give off. After a few minutes on hold, they then said that they would replace it for free if it was determined that the fire started in the dishwasher {meaning not my installation or electricity} This I think I can prove pretty easily. We shall see what I get. 

Then, another repair guy told me make sure that that repair invoice explaining the problem must come from the place that installed it, or the place I bought it from. {Asko certified} or I'll be paying a few service call charges before I see the goods. He is Asko certified, but works as a subcontractor to the sales shop.

Hope this helps,