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 Posted: Mon Dec 19th, 2005 02:38 am
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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


To check the optics in the freezer open the freezer door, if the light repeatedly flashes twice followed by a 1 second pause then the light is blocked.  Close the emitter flapper and the light should stay on.  (Make sure there is nothing to block the path)  If this checks ok, than your problem is likely to lie within the ice maker.  Remove and turn ice maker towards you and remove the white cover.  You will see various terminals for testing.  Obtain a piece of solid 14 gauge wire about 3 inches long and strip 1 inch from both ends, then bend the wire into a "U" shape and insert the jumper into terminals "T" and "H".  Place icemaker back in freezer and close the freezer door.  After about 10 seconds open the freezer door and you should see the wheel begin to turn to initiate a harvest.  If this is the case than the emitter and receiver board a probably not at fault.  You can now remove the jumper wire and the ice maker should complete its cycle.  Make sure you have the icemaker installed properly or be prepared to catch the water from the fill tube.  Hope this helps as a start.