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 Posted: Thu May 5th, 2005 03:22 am
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Well, I am not sure which timer I bought (and I won't have time to take 'er apart until tomorrow, if then) and I did follow the directions for installing the flying lead according to the directions.  The timer I put on, I remember, was an 8-hour timer (which the one I took off was a 10-hour timer and had what I consider 2 flying leads).  I did defrost the coils when I replaced the timer and again when I replaced the thermostat (had to just to be able to access the plug-in for the thermostat).

What I didn't get was that the fridge worked right for a couple days and the fridge got too cold as I was incrementally changing the dials.  I lowered the fridge setting and closed the baffle some (to get the compressor to run less and to reduce the airflow between the freezer and the fridge (fridge temp was around 36° and I was aiming for 38°).  The freezer temp rose from around 10° to 16° and the fridge temp jumped to 48° and I noticed frost formation on the back wall of the freezer (in the location of the condenser coils). 

I unplugged the fridge and left it that way for 15 minutes and replugged it in.  I set the dials for 'normal' and waited 24+ hours.  I got readings of 48°/18°.  I made small changes and now sit at '7' (with '8' as coldest) and 'B' (only 'A' allows more airflow between fresh and frozen) from initial starting off point of '4' and 'C.'  This evening (after 20 hours), the readins were 42°/19° and the frost buildup is more now than before I saw the condenser coils for the first time ever.

I will have to look at 'er again Friday.  I'll post my findings when I get find them.