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 Posted: Thu Dec 15th, 2005 04:04 pm
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Well, the appliance guy assigned by LG came out this morning. Sadly, Murphy's Law of appliance repair reigned: Any faulty appliance, when demonstrated for the repairman, will work perfectly.

After he pulled it out and got the back door off, no squeaks. Nothing abnormal at all. So either something is rubbing somewhere, or the feet weren't precisely on the tile, etc.

He called LG to discuss. They authorized replacement of the rear bearing(s) and drive shaft. Repair guy said LG takes pretty good care of customers. We decided, though, that this sounds a lot more preventative than anything else, since the squeaking went away in his presence. So, the agreement was to save his time and effort to see if said problem returns, rather than do a pretty time-consuming unnecessary repair. He said to call him back if the sound returns.

Overall, the repair guy (of Mr. Appliance in Conroe, TX) was professional. I'll be saving that business card for other repairs in the future. Any that I can't get done with the help of this site, that is. :)

Incidentally, repair guy indicated he really liked both Whirlpool Duets and LG front loaders and wouldn't recommend any other brands. (Hopefully he wasn't just telling me what I wanted to hear. :) He spoke disparagingly of GE, which I know would make the Samurai proud.

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