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 Posted: Wed Dec 14th, 2005 08:47 pm
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hello everyone,

Been reading the belt saga, and wondering if I start a new topic or stick with this one as I am ran into the same thing. {Under 5 year warranty, pin broke, service people replaced motor {as the pin thingie was attached to the motor} and also had the belt replaced, and I am sitting on a bill for $200, because.....the first run after the repair, we walk into the laundry room to a nasty burnt rubber smell, a little smoke, and the dryer still running, but the drum not turning. As only a week since the service call [ drying outdoors} we called  - they said try the reset button, which we did, nada, but the reset button does not do a "click" like the manual says it should. Now the dryer just hums, and the drum won't turn at all. Maybe the tech {who clearly had never seen an ASKO in his life} put the belt on wrong, or wrong  part?

I was thinking of repairing ourselves, as 5 warranty now one month over, and the service people have kinda blown us off, saying they won't be here for few months, as they have lost a few of their techs. {This is true I hear from sources..}

Any suggestions? I am clever technically, but never have worked on my own appliances, so in other words, I don't know what the hell I am doing {either!}

Another idea... call Asko USA and scream like hell for them to add a dryer to that free shipment of a replacement ASKO dishwasher, to replace the one that caught on fire last night {another story - still in the making} 

"Oh NO! Don't get ASKO!"