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 Posted: Wed Dec 14th, 2005 02:11 am
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F/H code - i have now undertaken the task of manually inspecting and cleaning the machine - surprisingly it is very service friendly - all pieces can be removed with 2 torx drivers and a pair of pliers as long as you do not have to deal with electronics. To check for foreign objects in the drum enclosure assembly - just place a work lite under it , open the door and take a peek - you will be surprised of what you can see, if you remove the bottom drain boot - you will find a big ball in it - guess that must be the echo valve - i had a huge piece of lint that was caught on the heater element restraint bar and was dangling into the boot possibly blocking the way for the ball to close - speculations for now because i did not have enough time to prove the performance yet. It would be totally service friendly if the pressure hose was clear, that way any obstructions could be seen past the plastic chamber assembly. But overall its a great unit to service, and i did not have to take the drum assembly apart to locate the echo  valve.