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 Posted: Wed May 4th, 2005 04:44 am
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Thanks for the info. I found the following info. on My model # is in the group, and the serial number is within the ones listed. I will check it out in the morning! Thanks again!

Microwave Oven Overheating

MODELS: MH6140XF, MH7140XF, GH7145XF, YMH6140SX,

YGH7145XF, MH8150XJ, GH8155XJ, KHMS147H,

KHMS145J, YKMS145J, KHMS147K, & KHMS145K



CUSTOMER          Overheating smell coming from the top of the microwave cabinet.

COMPLAINTS:      cabinet. Microwave not working.


CAUSE:     Thermal cut-off terminals are being loosened or damaged during part   replacement, resulting in overheating terminals and connections.


CORRECTION: Install a thermal cut-off repair kit (Part #8205204) to

repair the wire and terminals. Once this is done, a new

rework kit (Part #8184461) must be installed.