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 Posted: Sat Dec 10th, 2005 04:08 am
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The senior service tech arrived well within his scheduled appointment window, and was a very nice, seemingly sincere fellow.  He seemed unsure of the purpose of his presence, which I completely understood.  Of course upon seeing the failed hinge he came to the conclusion that the entire door would have to be replaced, and dutifully reported his findings to OneSource. 

Three days later OneSource finally called and informed me that they "will not be able to offer a replacement".  I have not yet called back to speak to a manager, but that is number one on my "to do" list.  Beyond that, I will be forced to involve my attorney. 

It is highly unfortunate that manufacturers fail to recognize their obligations.  I wonder, when you add up the expense of the two service calls to my house, the expense of litigation that may well be to come, and the cost of losing a customer for life (I no longer shop at Sears for any reason), how much money Sears has saved by denying responsibility for their product in this case.  The $600 door certainly does not cost them $600, and there is a good chance they may yet have to replace mine.