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F1  Defective touch pad or membrane.
1.   Replace touch pad or membrane (usually the touch pad).
F1  Watchdog on board.
1.   Replace touch pad.
2.   Or clock assembly (also called the ERC).


F5  Hardware and watchdog circuits disagree.
1.   Replace clock assembly (also called the ERC).


* Here is a simple test that you can do to determine whether the clock or the touchpad are defective when the display reads F1:

1.  Disconnect power to the range.
2.  Gain access to the back of the ERC or "clock").
3.  Unplug the touch pad ribbon connector from the ERC. This will be a flat wire about 1 ½" to 2" wide.
4.  Make sure everything is clear and will not short out when power is turned back on.
5.   Replace any covers removed to gain access to the ERC.
6.  Turn the power back on to the range.
7.  Watch for the F-1 and listen for the beep.
8.  If you get the F-1 and beep, replace the ERC.
9.  If after approximately 60 Minutes you do not get the F-1 fault, replace the touch pad.

NOTE: Some models incorporate the touch pad and the clock control as one part so F1 would mean you would have to replace the clock/timer control.

Warning: If you do not feel comfortable doing this test or making this repair please contact a qualified appliance repair technician. 

These are for Maytag ranges...

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