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 Posted: Wed Dec 7th, 2005 11:04 pm
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OK - and for my problem - this is what my little tattletale lights said, during the prewash cycle all was good the flow meter, all valves and water switch behaved, then the machine drained and cant remember if it lightly rinsed or not, but the main was cycle came on and the unit started to fill and fill and fill and fill, funny thing was that the pressure switch never even seen the suds contact close never mind the water ok level. So where did the water go ?? well when the machine quit and the code started beeping i heard water running in the drain. How can that be ?? . The pump is off and yet the water is flowing out of the machine - that is why my pressure switch does not activate thus the computer has water flow vs level discrepancy. Can someone please tell me why is the water flowing out ?? how do i fix that?  --   thanx for any info.