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 Posted: Wed Dec 7th, 2005 01:47 am
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it seems that this hf code is becoming a popular subject, - i have been trying to isolate this problem myself also - so far i have replaced the pressure switch because it did seem like the right idea at the time, -it does monitor the level of water in the unit, but as usual if life was simple then all would work out. As it seems 60 bucks later - nothing was wrong with the old 1. so to the beginning we go. Electronics is my profession and therefore i started becoming creative - i have installed a led for every contact point of the switch and a monitor led for the water flow meter, and since i was at the controller i added leds for the water valves and water pump. So the hunt starts again, need to catch the failure to assess the problem, to see what state the unit is in when it fails. 1 DEFINITE QUESTION for anyone with knowledge of operation of the echo valve, how does it work ??, what happens when it leaks ?? does it drop pressure from the switch thus signaling the controller with water level/lack off problem. My unit fails most often when presoak cycle is invoked, when its finishing presoak and starting regular wash, -empties water then starts to fill for regular wash it then quits with a H/F code. Once reset and regular cycle is started again then it runs it all with no problem.