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 Posted: Mon Dec 5th, 2005 03:14 pm
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1/8" or so is about the same play that I have, so maybe that's normal. Would still like to hear from someone who has a perfectly running machine to see if they confirm thiers is the same.

I think I made some progress with mine. As suggested by the Samurai, I rechecked the weights. I loosened all the bolts and pushed the weights in as far as they'd go, and I did find the part near the front top was not seated completely. I had to push it in about 1/4-1/2". Retightned all the bolts and let it run. I did 3 loads with it so far. The 1st was a small load on normal spin, that seemed much, much smoother. Then I tried a med size load, then a big load of jeans, both on fast spin. During the final spin of the larger load, it was still a little louder than I thought it should be, but there really wasn't much shaking of the body of the machine. I still had the top cover off, so maybe that's why it seems louder.

I'll run it a few more times before deciding for sure if this repair can officially be called "complete". I will update again then.

Thanks again for all the help!