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 Posted: Tue May 3rd, 2005 04:26 pm
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Ice cream freezes at 10*.  When you replaced the defrost timer and the defrost termination thermostat did you be sure to defrost the evaperator coils again??  Also, did you purchase the W.P. part number 482493 defrost timer???  Whirlpool ref.s have two different systems, on time defrost and compressor cumulative run time defrost.  The FSP timer has the flying lead, which has to be installed on the timer terminals according to how your ref. is set up from the factory.  The instruction sheet included in the timer package explains how to tell where the black wire is to be installed onto the timer terminals.  If this timer is wired wrong it will either not ever advance into defrost or will go into defrost and not come back out, will just stay dead except for the light.  Tell us which timer you installed and if it is the correct timer, be sure the black lead is on the right terminal.  When you get every thing installed properly, just set your controls in the middle and let it cycle by itself as will take at least 24 hours to cool down and stabalize every time you adjust the controls. If the defrost heater  and bi-metal are good, turning the timer manually into defrost will activate the defrost heater and it will glow red within 2-5 minutes, which you can see thru the bottom of the evaperator panel on a SxS. ref. .If it does not come on your defrost heater could be defective, we have seen several of these go bad.  I believe you need to check which defrost timer you installed into this unit, and make sure you defrosted the coils again after you replaced the b-metal, please....Pegi

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