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 Posted: Sat Dec 3rd, 2005 09:06 pm
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I've got a 417.42042100 that appears to have a similar problem.

Out of the blue about a week ago there was a loud banging noise during the final spin. I unloaded the clothes and checked out how it did while empty... same thing. (Not as loud, but still there.) We quit using it till I could check it out...

I pulled the front and back panels off and put it into that full spin, so I could see what may/may not be going on... nothing obviously out of whack or banging against anything else. No leaks. (Yeah, I hooked the water back up to it too.)

I shut it off, unplugged, and started wiggling things that needed wiggling... like that big pulley on the back. At first it was fine. But then it loosened up a bit and there was a bit of front to back play in it, which would suggest the bearing everyone is talking about here. It is front to back play only, no side to side. There is no gunk leakage around where the bearing would be (like some of you are talking about), and nothing has gotten on any clothes yet.

So it sounds like that bearing is maybe just starting to go bad, eh?

I seem to have 3 options here...

1. Replace the bearing myself for $40
2. Replace the rear outer tub assembly myself for about $150 (priced at
3. Have Sears come out and do anything that needs doing for about $190

The prospect of pulling it all apart, knocking a stubborn bearing out, and replacing it for about $40 doesn't bug me at all. Sounds fun to me, even. I'm just concerned about some of the other potential problems mentioned... broken spiders, rusted shaft, etc. Could I expect any of that stuff, having caught the problem fairly early as best I can tell? Heck, I don't even know what this spider thing is, though I have some guesses. :P

Between 2 and 3... for amount of work it takes to pull this off, I'd just as soon go with 3.

So I'm debating between 1 and 3.

For those thinking my description of 3 sounds nuts, when I called them up asking questions and saying I was pretty sure I needed a semi-major repair job they gave me the option of an "all parts/labor/up to complete replacement" 1 yr extended warranty for $190. And that it would cover a repair visit this week.

I'd just as soon spend $40 and tinker a bit than $190, but if I'm gonna find other major problems inside the outer tub that I can't see without pulling it apart... maybe better to go for $190?

With all that in mind, anyone have any reccomendations between those options?

Thanks! :cool: