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 Posted: Thu Dec 1st, 2005 08:58 pm
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Same story.  we purchased the Kenmore 106.54602300 from a Great Indoors store around January of 2004.  Sometime later we noticed the door sagging.  Eventually the bracket broke and the door came completely off the top hinge (of course, out of warranty).  Before this happens you should rig some sort of brace at the bottom of the door (use a piece of metal or wood and duct tape, or someother short term safety fix).  If not, the door will sag enough to fall off the top pin.

We went through Sears customer service (or lack thereof).  I spoke to Sears legal, to Whirlpool, etc.  Sears was a pain to deal with on ever front.  Finally, I called the store where I bought it and they gave me a number for Great Indoors service, which is sending a repairman out to replace the door under the manufacturer's warranty (which I believe when it happens).  Total cost would be:  $65.  Emotional toll:  priceless.