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 Posted: Wed Nov 30th, 2005 03:09 am
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We purchased a Kenmore Elite Side-by-Side, Model 106.54602300 in February 2004.  Like others posting on this topic, we discovered our refrigerator door is lower (by 1/2-inch) than the freezer door because the lower hinge has punched through the rugged, high-strength PLASTIC base that supports the full weight of the door and its contents.  I assumed the plastic at the base was DECORATIVE TRIM, not a structural element.  Wrong.  How anyone at Whirlpool thought a base made of 1/8-th inch thick plastic could support the torque and shear forces applied to it during normal use is beyond me.  Looking at the design, I'm beginning to wonder if the metal stop they designed into the hinge bracket actually makes it more likely the plastic would crack.

We now begin our merry journey through Sears Service Hell.

The irony of all this was thinking back to the installation.  The two guys from Sears who installed the new side-by-side moved our old refrigerator (25 year old Kenmore) to the garage.  They told us it would outlast our new one.  Boy were they right.