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 Posted: Tue Nov 29th, 2005 04:16 pm
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OK, latest update. I pulled the machine out into the family room. I checked the shocks as well as I could without taking the tub off and they seem fine but can't be 100% sure.

I found one of the bolts holding the front weight on had come off. I was hoping this was the problem but I doubt it as the weight itself didn't seem to be out of place at all. For a second I thought the rear weight was on backwards, but it look like it can only go one way and have the bolts fit.

I took the pulley off again. It was real tight to begin with, but there's a very slight lateral movment on the drum itself. I can't quite get the pulley on the tub post far enough to keep the tub tight enough back so there's no movement. Do you think that would matter? It's probably only about 1/16" or so of movement of the tub/pully once the pulley is on as far as I can get it.

I don't want to take the tub out again if I don't have to (obviously) but am debating as I can't think of anything to check anyhow. The SS tub seems to ride freely on the bearings. Not sure what else to do short of taking it all apart again.