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 Posted: Mon Nov 28th, 2005 05:32 am
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Well, I hoped to be posting with good news. The unit fit and went in without any major trouble, but is shaking and vibrating way too much during final spin. The motor sounds like it's struggling too, like slowing down or stalling a little for a second during final spin. The wheel on the back of the tub seemed to have a little wobble to it so I swapped with my old one, but there was no change. I'm almost thinking maybe one of the shocks on the bottom broke (I looked and don't see anything wrong with them). I don't know what else it would be. I don't really want to have to take the whole thing out again and take it apart to check the spider on the back of the tub. I can't imagine it'd broke already! It spins freely by hand.

Even the drain pump seems a little louder and shaky than before. I was real careful with everything. I don't know why just taking them out and puttin gthem back would hurt much.

Not sure what to do now. Have $200+ invested so far.